Spa Experiences


We offer a variety of options to give you the total spa day experience. Whether you want nails, skin, hair, massage, or all, there is a package to meet your needs.

Nail Spa Package ~$90
You can nail it every time when you choose this experience! You will enjoy a customized mask removed with hot towels,  luxurious hand and arm, leg and foot massages, and all the essential maintenance for your toes and fingers.
-Spa manicure*
-Spa Pedicure*

Show Some Skin Package ~$121
Bring vibrancy back to your skin with a relaxation massage and the experience of your choice.
-60 minute relaxation massage
-Also choose between a classic facial, back facial, or hand and foot treatment


Sensory Journey Package ~ $161
Start your journey with a 30 minute relaxation massage using the aromatherapy of your choice. Next, one of our skilled estheticians will customize a facial for your skin needs. Then your spa pedicure uses an array of essential oils to relax your senses and replenish your skin. Cypress oil is used for the leg and foot massage to help with circulation, varicose veins, muscle fatigue, and rheumatoid arthritis. Lemon oil (great for anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and regulating blood pressure),or lavender oil (used for nervous system stimulation, and to ease physical and mental stress) is infused into a hot towel for your face while our nail tech applies a rejuvenating mask to your feet and legs. Finally, we will choose a conditioning treatment suited for your hair’s needs, give you a relaxing scalp massage with the essential oil of your choice, and finish your experience with a professional blowout.

Spa Teaser Package ~ $205+tax
Begin your spa teaser experience with a 30 minute relaxation massage, followed with a deep cleansing and hydrating facial customized especially for you. Next, you will enjoy a luxurious manicure and pedicure topped with the polish of your choice. We then will select a conditioning treatment to suit your hair, polishing it off with a professional blowout.

Classic Spa Experience ~ $232+tax
Signature Facial
Shampoo Style
60 minute relaxation massage
Spa manicure*
Spa Pedicure*

Glow Up Experience ~ $582+tax
The art of “glowing up” is a very intricate, elaborate and individual process that usually happens overtime. It is also defined as an “incredible transformation,” or “to go from the bottom to the top to the point of disbelief. Your experience includes a revitalizing Hydrafacial MD treatment and stem cell mask, a set of party lashes, a spa manicure*, a spa pedicure*, a healing coconut oil massage, a conditioning all over haircolor, and a hairshaping with professional blowout. 


*For a more detailed description, please refer to our nail experience list

Christmas Wonderland ($300 Value)

Includes a Coconut Cream Massage, Mint Mimosa Spa Pedicure, Dermaplane Facial, and a Peppermint Oil Conditioning Treatment. 


Polar Express ($60 Value)

Express Manicure & Express Pedicure

Christmas Three ($150 Value)

30 minute relaxation massage, relaxing shamppo and style, Classic Facial


Gingerbread Man ($140 Value)

Gentleman's Facial, 30 minute Deep Tissue Massage, Men's Haircut


Winter Wellness ($250 Value)

Classic Facial, Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, 60 minute Relaxation Massage, Deep Conditioning Treatment


New Year Holiday Detox ($200 Value)

Facial Peel, 60 minute Relaxation Massage with Aromatherapy, Detox Pedicure