Swedish Massage


Here at Salvatore Capelli we pride ourselves on having an exceptional staff. Not only are our Massage therapists constantly trained on the newest massage techniques, but they are certified in deep tissue and therapeutic massages. We welcome you to try any of our Elite therapists to ensure a relaxing experience.

We offer custom blended massages personalized with your choice of essential Oils and lotions. We offer the following massage types:

  • Relaxation (light to medium pressure)

  • Deep Tissue (focused deep into the muscle)

  • Hot Stone

  • Couples

Ask about:

  • Extra 15 minutes to focus on where you need it

  • Essential oil of your choice

  • 15 minutes of meditation time, relaxing on the table after the massage

  • Extra stretching

  • Full body hot towels

  • Face and scalp massage

  • Accupressure


Relaxation Massage

30 Minutes – $35
60 Minutes – $60
90 Minutes (best value) – $85

Chair Massage

$1 per minute up to 30 Minutes (in five minute increments).

Specialty Massage 

30 Minutes – $60
60 Minutes – $85
90 Minutes (best value) – $105

Healing Coconut Oil Massage 

75 minutes - $85

Coconut oil is a great multi-tasker because of its medium-chain triglycerides & Vitamin E which have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-flammatory properties. It is also a great carrier for essential oils like Muscle Mend or Tea Tree. You will be treated to hot towels and aromatherapy of your choice. 

Enjoy side by side massages with a friend or loved one and save 10%

Purchase a package of (3) 60 minute relaxation massages for $160 and save $20

Purchase a package of (3) 90 minute relaxation massages for $225 and save $30

Purchase a package of any (3) 60 minute specialty massages for $225 and save $30

Purchase a package of any (3) 90 minute specialty massages for $295 and save $$20

Our Muscle Savior

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Brian Turner

Licensed Massage Therapist

With over 20 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, Brian emphasizes the importance body mechanics and thoughtful movement. Thai Vinyasa, stretching techniques, and postural correction are just a few means he incorporates into his massages to customize them for each guest.