At Salvatore Capelli e Esthetica Spa & Beauty Lounge, our clients enjoy the latest concepts in relaxation, rejuvenation and the discovery of their best selves.


Welcome to Salvatore Capelli

Experience the Art of Individual Beauty

In Continuing our efforts to bring you all’ultima moda (the latest style), Salvatore Capelli is proud to offer you a variety of services from our highly qualified and decorated staff. We are consistently updating our arsenal of skills and abilities. By nurturing your mind, body and spirit, our staff brings you the happiest and healthiest YOU possible!

Salvatore Capelli boasts a number of services for our clients.  Our concierge staff is here to serve you.  Enjoy a wide variety of complimentary beverages while we coordinate services for you.  Whether you’re here for just a cut or a complete spa day, your Salvatore Capelli staff looks forward to your next visit!

All’ultima moda : Italian – the latest style.  At Salvatore Capelli e Esthetica Spa & Beauty Lounge, we cater to the needs of our clients, including their schedules.  Because our hours vary, please call us at 419-873-5483 to find the best appointment time for you!


Why We are the Best

We pride ourselves on continuing education.

We never work a day in our lives, this is what we love and do it well.

We appreciate our clients, and they appreciate our creativity.
Our clients leave feeling confidant with service.

We are always open to trying new techniques.
We stay very humble in what we do.


Serve. Educate. Love.
Our vision is to provide a joyous place with a solid foundation where the lasting impression is of warm, friendly, successful professionals.

Top Spa Tips

Protect your hands from the elements.
Remove polish with acetone.
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